Hi! I'm Trésa Martindale (Tree-sa)
I'm a photographer and writer. I believe that images are time travel that takes us back to those moments worth remembering. Telling stories through the visual process tells us who we are, this is important so that your posterity will never forget who they are. 

Sometimes life asks us to go on challenging journey's that at times feel impossible. Navigating the shadows and working through the emotions is how we heal. Sharing our stories the hard ones and the joyful ones are how we form life long connections and feel less alone. 

Writing is my meditation. Some of my work has been published in Speaking your Truth Courageous stories from inspiring women. The combination of an image put with words is how I navigate my life's journey. Storytelling is the language of the soul. When we can look at life through the mythic lens, we can heal the past and change the future. 


Hi, I’m Ashlee! I am a single mother who loves the good things in life. I have an appreciation for creativity, travel, and realness. This life has brought me many different crazy hard stories including infertility, death, infidelity, the divorce of parents, etc.


while these all may be sad stories each one has helped me learn and grow in a new way.


Ultimately each story is full of love, and perspective. A new love to find within myself and a new outlook I’ve never had. My world revolves around my baby. She breathes air into my lungs. I am so excited to start this new adventure! Thank you for your support and for following along!

Ashlee Swenson The art of joy


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