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The Survivors Guide for Anxiety and PTSD with Elena Breese

On April 15th, 2013, terrorist bombs were placed near the Boston Marathon finish line that left three dead and more than 260 wounded. Elena Breese was in the crowd waiting to cheer on her husband Jeff as he crossed the finish line. In a split second, everything changed when a terrorist bomb exploded across from the spectator stands. Elena suffered a bomb concussion and fled to safety. She was reunited with her husband Jeff later, and although she was full of gratitude, PTSD would then sneak up on her, much like the bombing and alter her life.

PTSD often manifests up to 3 years after a tragic event. Elena offers so many resources that have helped her manage her symptoms. She has returned to joy through her research and support of other PTSD survivors. Elena is now on the front lines, offering life-changing ideas and resources that help bring wholeness back into the lives of those traumatized. Elena is another beautiful example of our human strength and resiliance. Her website is full of information and ideas that can help anyone struggling with stress, anxiety, and PTSD find relief.

We are always looking for inspired people to share their stories of survival and how they return to joy after life-altering circumstances. Elena Is one of those inspired humans, who climbed her way from the darkness that swallowed her and transformed herself into a bright light and support that is helping hundreds find peace and healing.

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