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The Magic Of A Question Part 2

Updated: Feb 11, 2019

How to find your life purpose

The first step to discovering your purpose is recognizing that you have one. So many people go through life and don’t ask this question. We believe that we leave clues about our mission from our early childhood years. Reflect on your past. What were you interested in? Science, Math, Art, English? If you could take any class in college without general requirements what would you jump into? What would you be called to study? What books are you drawn to? What activities excite you? When we did this exercise, its evident that who we are now is in direct relationship to answering these questions.

Take a step back and ponder what people in your life rely on you for. And what do you offer them? Passions and your life purpose can be different but can also blend together.

It's so tricky with the era of social media to stay focused on our own individual path. The world of comparison has taken us all by the throat, and we threaten to lose ourselves by chasing others dreams. We stand to lose our uniqueness by trying to fit into bodies that are not ours and living lives that don’t match our soul's unique imprint. This question comes at a critical time. We need to step back and remember who we are, and who we are meant to become. Some of us will know and move towards it. Others of us will re-invent who we are over and over again, that process ultimately takes us to the top of the mountain as well. There is no right or wrong path; the goal is to arrive.

What makes a long lasting happy relationship?

It's easy to lose sight of individuality in a relationship. We believe that having the freedom to live one's own journey is critical. Allowing each other space to breathe and practice nonjudgment when they have beliefs that don’t entirely match ours. We are continually evolving and changing. It’s almost like a death and re-birth every decade or so. If you think about who you were in high-school, you will quickly realize that you have matured and grown beyond that identity.

Communication is a crucial ingredient to any successful relationship. The foundation needs to be stable in non judgment if it is ever meant to succeed. We all need a place to share the truth of who we are and be loved completely. Sometimes differences will cause a standoff. It's important to be a good negotiator and find neutral ground that allows for variations.

Looking inward at your faults and weaknesses is the tincture in a relationship potion. You must be able to see where you need to improve. None of us have it all figured out. Looking inward may be the most challenging task of all. It's always a breeze to find fault in those around us, and difficult for us to step off our pedestals to recognize we too need help.

We also need to look at the stories of those who came before us. What are the patterns of our parents and grandparents? How have those patterns, beliefs, and actions taken up residency in our behaviors? Are they even our patterns? If we can re-write the stories of those who came before us, we heal. When we heal, we pass on a legacy of new perceptions beliefs and ideas that can literally change the future, rather than repeat it over and over again.

These ideas apply to all relationships, Parents, children, spouse, friend, family member, etc. If we can embrace these concepts, we will start a relationship revolution. Let's do more of THAT!

Prayer vs. meditation whats the difference

There are different styles of prayer. Some religious prayers are memorized others read like poetry. We’ve heard chanting and singing calling out for blessings. Then there are the gut-wrenching falling to your knees prayers. Prayers that are felt deep in the canyons of your bones, they are sent out as energy that doesn’t need words. They can be so steeped in emotion that the very state of mind is enough. We believe that prayer is also gratitude for what is already present and what we are calling in as if it has already been manifest.

Meditation is a state of mind. By definition, it says “to know thyself is to meditate.” Mediation is a self-observation and state of mind that helps you get fully seated in a prayer. Native Americans don’t pray FOR rain they pray Rain. Meaning they imagine and feel the rain as if it is falling on them in the moment. It's a meditation and prayer one leading to the other. Whatever your path is, we believe that being mindful, stepping outside of the monkey mind, and connecting to a deeper source, is a powerful practice and tool to navigate an otherwise chaotic life.


what type of person have I been?

what type of person do I present to the world?

is there a feeling that I experience or struggle with over and over every day?

how would my closest friends describe me?

is there something about myself I hide from others?

what part of my personality do I need to work on improving?

what is one thing I want to change about myself?


How am I feeling right now?

How am I feeling about this day ahead what can I accept that I cant change?

What have I agreed to do that I don’t want to do?

What can I learn that I care about knowing?

What small steps can I take to show that I am serious about loving myself?

What would scare me slightly, that I could do today?


What is the soul?

What is your definition of god?

What’s the difference between spirituality and religion?

What does prayer mean to you?

Where do you feel most at home or at peace?

The world needs...

Love is...

I would like to thank ...

I want my legacy to be...

What does it mean to come alive?

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