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The Magic Of A Question

Updated: Feb 11, 2019

THE MAGIC OF A QUESTION: answering questions from our listeners

How much power is in a question? We believe that asking big and creative questions, as well as the little everyday questions is a significant problem-solving tool. Your evolution can take big leaps as you awaken the dormant answers just waiting to be asked. Its kind of like real life magic when you get this right. The universe has a way of showing up and answering the mysteries hidden in your bones. It also is a gauge to show you where you are in the physical, mental and spiritual arenas. The universe, God, Higher power, whatever you believe in, is always answering you. Whatever you put out there will be followed by situations that validate the question or wondering.

We reached out to our listeners to answer their questions. We were so excited to see how many of you were thinking about the same things and ended up tackling some deep thoughts and ideas.

Why do bad things happen to good people?

I learned one time a principle that has changed my perspective. I too asked this question in my early 20’s (Tresa) There is a biblical passage that says I am that I am. If we change the emphasis of this quote to read I am THAT! I am, It can change everything. It takes us out of judgment of anything we view as negative or ugly, It asks us to step into the shoes of the story we criticize. For example, you judge a woman who is a convicted thief. If you say I am THAT! I am, you ask yourself, under different circumstances, could I too be a thief? If I were homeless and hungry, or had an unbearable upbringing? Rephrasing this sentence does two things. One- it allows us to imagine what makes people do bad things. and Two- It allows us to check in and determine which side of fence we occupy? Sometimes being exposed to the heavy dense energies of the world can be a reminder of the abundance of good. We believe that the miserable moments of life are in direct proportion to the blissful moments of life, getting there is the journey, it’s the launching board to find JOY! Taking an evolutionary leap is usually on the back of a big trial, loss or shift in perception. We don’t believe that GOD inflicts us with bad things. We believe that being a free agent of choice helps us heal ourselves and create a better legacy. We believe that the bad things happen to help us expand, grow and evolve.

Destiny or free will?

What a great question. We are sure that there are beliefs on both sides of this equation. We are proponents of free will. Our comments and research are based on that information.

About 200 years after Newton, Albert Einstein produced his famous equation E = mc2, demonstrating that energy and matter are so fundamentally related that they are the same. Mainly, his work showed that matter and energy are entirely interchangeable.

Dr. Joe Dispenza has compiled compelling research on quantum physics. In his book “Breaking the habit of being yourself,” he breaks down the studies and gives us a look at infinite possibilities.

“All possible experiences exist in the quantum field as a sea of infinite possibilities, when you change your electromagnetic signature to match one that already exists in the field your body will be drawn to that event, you will move into a new line of time or the event will find you in your new reality. What’s happening is that the environment is turning on different circuits in your brain, causing you to think equal to everything you know, and as long as you think equal to everything you know, you will only create more of the same in your life.” “Now that invisible field of intelligence is an information-field, and because all possibilities exist simultaneously in the quantum field, if we observe our life from the same level of mind, from the same energy, from the same emotions, then we – as the quantum observers – keep collapsing those waves of probability into the same outcomes, called the same experiences, in our life.’

We have talked about the pursuit of dreams and finding the courage to go after them. If you can imagine anything, you can collapse it into reality. Most of us are afraid of our potential to succeed. It can be a terrifying journey, adventuring into new territory. We believe that we are here to change the generational stories that have been a thread in the fabric of our families for generations. We think that stepping out of the familiar and cutting a new path through the jungle, is not only free will but a calling to heal the past and change the future.

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