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The Art of spending time alone

The art of spending time alone. So many of us as women spend our time in our families' service and struggle to find those treasured moments of alone time. It's also really easy to put all kinds of pressure on yourself when you do have a few minutes to take a breath. We feel like we should be doing a meaningful goal setting or meditations and, in the process, lose the moment. It often feels like our heads are swimming in the past. We are either reflecting on things that happened or processing all of the successes and failures. We also get stuck thinking about what's coming. What do we have to do to prepare for tomorrow, next week and next month? We are always reaching back and looking forward. How often do we just stop, drop, and sit in the moment we are in. The exact space and time that surrounds us in the moment?

We had a fascinating conversation with Dane, who seems to handle his alone time and moments with ease, no stress, and no expectation. One way to check into your NOW is to ask yourself these questions and write them down. What do you see? What do you hear? What do you feel? What did you touch? Any time you are feeling overwhelmed or out of sorts, try this simple practice. It brings awareness to the moment as it's happening, and from that place, we can decompress, connect to the moment, make the unconscious ebbs and flows part of the NOW.

We talked a lot about spending time alone without an agenda. No pre-planned itinerary, just a go with the flow kind of experience. Doing this allows the universe to conspire on your behalf and unfold experiences that you could have never planned for. Who will you meet? What will you see? What will you learn? How will you feel? Discovering these questions and answers makes us more excited than ever to adopt this alone time from a different perspective.

Spending quality time with yourself in the moment that is happening is where the magic of your soul's greatest desires lives. When you sit with yourself, getting to know yourself is the greatest gift you can give to yourself, your family, and the world. We spend too much of our time living for those around us. If we can live to understand and love ourselves, we bring such a profound presence to those we love, and they get to know the truth of who we are! Listen to the episode and hear the challenge Dane gave to us, and you too! Let's try doing it and see what happens!

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