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The Art of Joy turns ONE! and A beginners guide to understanding Chakras and Energy.

Mothers Day,

The Art of Joy turns ONE this Mothers Day. Last year at this time we had a vision, to have conversations that would bring flickers of light into the shadows that we all face. Some of us can tell really big stories, and others may feel like theirs doesn't make the cut. But here is the truth. We all matter! If you have a life, you have a story and big or small it can change the course of another's journey when you share it. We have uncovered some of the biggest magic, lurking next to the monsters that hide in the dark. Sometimes we need someone to hold our hand as we navigate towards it. We have to thank all of you who support us, listen and share. It's people like you that breathe fresh air with a hint of that summer lilac strait into the core of who we are. We have the deepest gratitude for each guest that has joined us and been brave enough to share their stories of trauma, recovery, living with scars and triumph. Putting yourself out into the world can be a terrifying undertaking, but as we join others who show up and face fear, we realize that we are more connected than we ever knew. As humans, we share a couple of non-negotiable's in common. We all face struggle, and we all need love. To truly SEE another is one of the greatest gifts you can give. Life can be scary and vulnerable, and when we can find one or two humans that will sit with us when we are at our worst, then we know that we have found true love. We have been blessed by each one of you who have seen our vision, and support our work. We are so full of gratitude and we SEE you!

Mothers day comes with all of the celebrations, gifts, thank you's spring BB Q's and gatherings. But what if Mothers day is the most challenging day to face? So many of us find an equal amount of sadness, loneliness, and loss.

Some of us find ourselves standing on the razor's edge of pain and yet at the same time balancing and holding the space for honoring those we celebrate and love. As women our capacity to embrace the heart-swelling sadness along with the ability to offer unconditional mothering love even when we feel pain is what makes us so deep, rich, and complex. We are all goddesses, tapping into the deepest parts of who we are. We hope that along with feelings of loss or longing, we can come together as women. We hope that you will find a pie slice of joy, love, connection, and grace. Let's rise together celebrating the triumphs and supporting each other through our struggles, failures, longings, and pain. It would feel much more inclusive if we called it Women's Day! On so many levels, as women, we step into the mother archetype and soothe wounds, nurture hearts and inspire souls. We can't do life without each other. Find your tribe and pull them in close today. Some families share biology, and some share soul connections or sometimes both. Today we honor all of you. We celebrate your messy, complicated, beautiful, struggling souls. We are all in this together if we so choose.

We want to leave you with a couple of quotes from our girl Brene Brown;

"You either walk inside your story and own it or you stand outside your story and hustle for your worthiness."

"There are millions of cheap seats in the world today filled with people who will never once step foot in that arena. They will never once put themselves out there. But they will make it a full-time job to hurdle criticism and judgment and really hateful things toward us. And we have got to get out of the habit of catching them and dissecting and holding them close to our hearts. We've got to let them drop on the floor."

"Don't grab that hurtful stuff from the cheap seats and pull it close," she adds. "Don't pull it anywhere near your heart.”

Together we can support each other through anything! Let’s be women who embrace each other and jump into the center of it all. We have the capacity to change the world!

Today we dive into a much-requested topic. What is energy medicine, chakras, spiritual healing, and development? We go over the basics and offer insights into the world of energy, vibration, and spirit.

For a detailed overview of each Chakra, and basics on clearing the energy centers, you can subscribe to our newsletter and receive a free copy to your inbox. We will then send you additional insights with each podcast episode we release.

Books to read;

The Energy Codes by Sue Morter (Chakras)

The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

Medical Medium by Anthony William (he has several books on diet and health)

Becoming Supernatural Dr. Joe Dispenza

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