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The Art of finding Self Love

Today we talk to Ashley Reeves with @Ashleesfreshfix. She shares her journey of struggling to have a positive body image and how it started so young. The media has always been playing in the background of our lives, but in the past 15 or so years, we are now saturated with Mass Media. A whole new global saturation that connects us to the world, where we spend hours consuming curated content that makes it easy to compare and find shame. With the birth of social media, women of all shapes and sizes are coming forward and claiming a positive body space. These beautiful women are encouraging a healthy relationship with food and fashion. They are showing us that beauty is found from within.

Body image issues can start young. The school playground can become ground zero for many. Children can be mean and easily segregate those who are similar vs. those who are different. Pointing out the kid that is too tall, too fat, has birthmarks, or social awkwardness. How about skin color or kids who have two dads or two moms. Adopted kids and divorced families, the death of a parent, learning disabilities. We can go on and on about the things that make us different. Insults or even comparisons at a young age can have a huge imprint that follows us into adulthood leaving us insecure and struggling to fit in. We love how Ashley shares with us that we all have common ground. If we are willing to look at others, we will discover that we are more the same than different.

We get mixed information and convince ourselves that we are less than, unworthy or not enough. How many times do you catch yourself not feeling desirable because you indulged in an unhealthy meal, or don’t fit into the skinny jeans, or don’t have an Instagram worthy home, or drive an expensive car? This kind of comparison hijacks our joy and steals away our confidence. Here is the truth…YOU ARE WORTHY PERIOD, regardless of your health or financial success or anything else that burdens your thoughts. You are a human who requires love and based on that alone we are all worthy!

So what do we do? How do we cope? We’ve said it over and over again, delete accounts that make you feel small and follow people that inspire and encourage you wherever you are. Evaluate your friends. A tribe is a group of people that love you at your worst and celebrate you when you are successful. A tribe is not always made of DNA. Tribes are born of souls who love unconditionally. Find your people and keep them close.

Find your inner Goddess. She comes in all shapes and sizes. When you study mythology, you will learn that a goddess is born from the confidence of the soul. A Queen must inhabit an inner power to rise and lead from a place of strength. Become a leader and find your goddess archetype. Love your body whether it's big or small, tall or short.

Gratitude for your body is the first step to confidence. Take good care of it. Honor it, love it. Our bodies are vehicles for our souls. We don’t all want to look the same or act the same, what a boring life. So make sure you're caring for your vehicle. If you don’t change the oil in your car, eventually the engine will blow. Get plenty of rest and good food, meditation, and prayer. Challenge your body and be thankful for it. Embrace your differences and know that you are always worthy. We all deserve to love and be loved, to be seen, heard and respected. Make your life about that, and you will feel the confidence rising, like a fire spreading transformation through each and every cell of your body. We want to thank Ashley for sharing her story and hope that each of you will walk away with a more positive perspective of your soul, and the vehicle that houses it. You are beautiful, with a purpose that only you can offer during the time you are alive on this beautiful planet. Share your love and compassion, look outside of yourself for beauty, and then bring it all back into a place of nurturing. We were never meant to be the same. Find your unique expression and gift that only you can offer. This is what we call the Art of Joy.

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