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Talking Hormones, How Do The Affect You, And Why Are They Important?

Today we are talking all about hormones with Candace Burch MA Hormone educator, she has comprehensive knowledge about our health, hormones and overall wellness. We cover a range of topics that affect women of all ages. Are you struggling with infertility, thyroid, menopause, stress, etc.? Candace guides us through the maze of hormones, and the domino affect that is created when we are out of balance. She teaches us about Zeno’s, the imposter hormones found in beauty products, plastics, gardening and how they cause increased estrogens in our bodies. Cosmetics are not regulated and companies don’t have to report their ingredients. The Cosmetic safety act has not been updated since 1938.

She explains how our lifestyle and diet is such a crucial part of our overall health profile.

We talk about the difference between saliva testing vs. blood testing. Candace explains that blood draws don’t test topical hormones, but saliva will measure the active hormone levels that are in the blood stream after leaving the tissues. This is an episode you will want to take notes on, But don’t worry, we are providing links to Candace and her website, which is full of information. We are also linking you to resources that will help you get your health and hormones on track.

Candace is giving our listeners a discount code:

$50.00 discount for her testing kit using code AOJ50 at checkout

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