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Our Personal Journey's navigating Spirituality

LIFE. It can bear down on us so hard at times that hope and joy seem like images lost in a fog. When we feel these pressing feelings of despair and pain, the idea of God and Religion can either help us find our way out or seem nonexistent. There isn't a right or wrong way to feel about our trials.

We have learned some great lessons navigating this space of the dark night. A life that seems to have fallen apart may actually be a life re-organizing itself into a new form. It becomes a metaphor for something bigger and grander than we could have ever imagined. Sometimes we need to be turned upside down so that we can see through a different lens and rebuild a different life. A caterpillar will always be a perfect archetype for this transition we go through. The dark night of the soul looks a lot like the moment a caterpillar digests itself. It releases enzymes that turn it into a soup, a liquid form. There is a secret that lives in that soup. An element called imaginal discs that activate during the darkest time and allow the caterpillar to start changing form. These imaginal discs are the pre-programmed recipe for transformation and growth. They have existed from the beginning and are the magic of transformation. If allowed to complete its process, this creepy-crawly creature turns into something totally different. When the process is complete, it emerges with wings and a new perspective. Where it once could only see from the ground in a macro environment, it now can soar above with a big picture view.

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