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Mamas Breathing FIRE for their children

Jill Hazard Rowe, Is one of the founding members of Mama Dragons, a support group for Mothers with LGBTQIA Children. Jill's son came out in 2011 and at the time she was an orthodox member of her LDS faith and thought that being gay was a choice. "She says that to be gay is incredibly difficult, but to be a gay Mormon is impossible." She takes us on her powerful journey of love and realization that God made her son exactly as he should be. Through the support of other mothers, Jill and her friends created the Mama Dragons. A place to give support when other women's children come out. Several thousand women find a soft place to land in this closed group. Women are finding the courage to stand with their LGBTQIA and it's contagious.

We believe at the core of the human experience we all need the same thing to survive. LOVE. It's far to easy to forget this when we step out into the world and realize that there are so many expressions of life. It's easy to allow our cultural, religious, and family influences to create barriers towards those who are different. But what we don't always understand, is that the differences are the ingredients that make life go round. If you ever find yourself drowning in the shadow of a tragedy, when help shows up, I promise you will be thankful for whoever offers you comfort. We need to spend more time listening and learning, we need to hear our fellow brothers and sisters, and let them know that they are valuable, worthy, and deserving. We need to stand up for the children who commit suicide because living hurts too much, and support the parents so they can openly love their babies in wholeness and without shame. Join us in this conversation about love, learning, and understanding.

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