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Leaning into our differences with compassion

In this episode, Kimberly Anderson

asks us to expand our hearts and amplify our voices in support of our LGBTQIA community. Her honest and raw story draws us in and helps us understand that we are more alike than different. We all need to feel love, acceptance, and worth. We are all healing, growing, and expanding. We discuss several aspects of inclusion and ask how we can all do better.

The word inclusivity can roll off our lips like butter, but without actionable efforts to embrace those around us who are different, we are just peacocking our ego. When we have privilege, genuine authenticity asks us to step into spaces where we can amplify and project the voices of others. Especially the marginalized groups who remain so judged and criticized, left out, and rejected.

Our LGBTQIA community remains one of the most at-risk groups among us. The transgender community and trans women of color, specifically, are being killed just because they are showing us the truth of who they are. They are dying because they are living their truth. As a society and culture, there is still such a climate of intolerance. Certain people act out their rage by murdering those who may not look or act like the ideal they believe is the only truth. Also, when we ask our children to be straight when they are gay, we put them at risk of suicide. They feel shame for being unable to put OUR insecurities at ease.

Our expansion and growth are in direct proportion to our ability to understand and embrace the differences that surround us. We do not have to agree, but our ability to offer an olive branch and accept that others are different will help us rise in authenticity and expansion.

When we openly reject those who are different, we find that deception becomes a tool of survival. When anyone feels deep shame about who they are, lying to the community or family to fit in becomes second nature. At some point, we all have to step into the truth of who we are. For many, its a choice between being authentic or not existing at all. That's why the suicide rate among the LGBTQIA community is so alarming. Having the courage to live truthfully can come at significant risk. We have to do better.

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