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How this Momcologist rises to bring awareness to childhood cancer.

Savanna Tate takes us on her journey of pregnancy with triplets, and through her darkest times as her baby had cancer. The hero’s journey can be full of our most terrifying and dreaded moments. But it also provides a gateway towards equally vibrant and growth-filled days in the future. The hero’s journey asks us to step away from the familiar of who we are or have always been, and direct us on a pilgrimage towards who we are becoming. The in-between moments of this epoch can leave us feeling shook and out of sorts. But there is always hidden magic and clues that live in the shadows, that will direct our path and hold our hand through the darkest of days. It's only when we arrive on the other side that we can look back with a sense of gratitude for our growth. Savanna courageously shows us how she navigated her dark night of the soul and is now keeping Hayes memory alive through education, advocacy, and fundraising to assist others who are facing their worst nightmares.

There isn’t anything we won't do as a parent for our children. Savanna shares how she became a “Momcologist,” and expert in the field of childhood cancer. These crash courses alter us and combined with intuition, we become a force to be reckoned with. If cancer ever finds a cure, it will be on the backs of parents who are intuitively directed toward caretaking and cure making ideas that change everything. Childhood cancer awareness needs to be brought forward into the spotlight. We aren’t doing enough research for the littlest humans who are ultimately our future. How many brilliant minds are leaving us far too soon? We all need to become more aware of this epidemic and do what we can to advance medicine towards a cure. September is childhood cancer awareness month. Put it on your calendars and help us remember.

Savanna writes a blog that everyone should become familiar with. She offered insights, education, and tools that will enlighten and inspire. Her Hayestough foundation is a living embodiment of her precious boy. For information, and to donate to the foundation, please visit;

@savannat8 (Instagram)

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