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Updated: Feb 11, 2019

Hi, guys and thanks for stopping by. Your support and comments have meant so much to us as we tackle the vulnerable place of getting real. In this episode, we introduced ourselves and shared a timeline of our life stories.

We open up about trials that we have been through individually and together. We look forward to future episodes when we can take a deeper dive into specific moments that have defined us or taught us the most undeniable life lessons.

Why should any of us share our stories? We believe that telling the truth about who we are, and daring to share, is a breath of fresh air. It's therapeutic, and the first step towards nonjudgment.

When you take time to listen to someone's story, you foster the concept of empathy. Stories are the glue that hold us together. Our world has changed. We are a global community connected to anyone and everyone. It's easy to fall into judgment, or self-loathing when we compare what we see online, TV, magazines, etc. It's more important than ever to find our footing, and we believe that sharing our stories helps us remember who we are and where we came from.

Storytelling is the language of the soul. ancient traditions, the elders would pass down traditions orally, around the fire. Most scriptures are written in parables, talking about the success and failures of civilizations.

It’s how we bypass our monkey minds and ego. When we learn the stories of our ancestors, both good and bad, we can make a more conscious decision about our own life. Sometimes we inherit traits that we can alter if we can name them and learn to tell different stories. It's so important to cast our own words and parables into the wind.

The diversity we all share is what keeps our souls evolving. When you speak your truth, you offer yourself a chance to change the past. When you heal the past, you change the future. That is a legacy worth leaving. That is what we call The Art of Joy!

Always remember, inspired people inspire people.

-- Tre & Ash

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