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Breaking down fear, grief, panic, and anxiety with our therapist Sean McPeak

Today we have a conversation with Depth Psychologist, LCSW, Spiritual leader Sean McPeak. He has helped our family through many Dark nights of the soul. As a global family, we are collectively being asked to move away from who we once were, how we once lived, and move towards a new way of being. Something this significant and unknown has never happened before on such a collective scale. There are conspiracies, media, and political agendas that feel confusing and fearful. So many of us are out of work, home with kids, or all alone. Thousands have been dealing with the death of loved ones and kept away from them. Women are birthing babies alone, and people in abusive relationships are extra vulnerable. There are hungry bellies and broken hearts. And the fear of not having what we need. Wow! Take a deep breath if you feel all of that. And raise your hand if you have found yourself in the company of this worry.

We have interviewed so many men and women who have been through the worst. When we hear their stories, we look into the kaleidoscope of their resilience and magic. Our goal has always been to share honest accounts of survival to send out a beacon of hope that whatever shade of dark is trying to swallow us, we can navigate it. Sean reminds us that the magic finds us in the shadow. Surrendering to that place feels counter-intuitive; none of us think there is any form of magic or miracle when we are in pain. But when we are curious about the hardships and willing to sit with it, all of it, the gifts will emerge. Sometimes years later, but they always surface. We need to avoid the avoidance of pain. Its way easier to find distractions, that will keep us from inviting our shadow to the table. But if we can learn to break bread with the worst of times, eventually we will become a new version, a better version of who we have been becoming, all along. And this is the cycle that never ends. It's easy to think we will finally arrive at a destination, and just when we get comfortable thinking we've made it. Life reminds us that we are on a journey. It kicks us out of our comfort zone and asks us to keep going. We are always evolving and changing and growing.

A few tips we want to share for surviving this global game of Jenga. It kind of feels like we've all been building and stacking our blocks, making life happen, and then in a moment, they all come crashing down. But this isn't a game, this is real life, and the consequences are real. Moments like this bring us to our knees, and we give ourselves a chance to get still, pay closer attention, and send out real prayers. Here are some things to consider:

1- Be curious about your feelings. Be willing to sit in the uncomfortable and ask what does your soul what? What does it need? Lean into the anxiety. Fighting it is a losing battle. Being curious is the key.

2- Read poetry. It speaks a different language, and the soul can respond to the curiosities. You can also write poetry and share it with others.

3-Create space for spirit to come. That may look like prayer, meditation, yoga, quiet time. We need to make space a pause where we can be open to the whisperings of God.

4- Find the essence of God around you. Get close to the earth and find examples of life happening anyway, seeing the beauty that continues regardless of our fear.

5- Creativity is the blueprint for solutions. Creativity is the vehicle that takes us on the journey of curiosity, compassion, and expression.

6- Be in service to those around you. Check on your neighbors. Be willing to see them and hear them. Listening is one of the greatest gifts we can give.

And last, we need to demand self-care first. If we can recharge our power by giving ourselves some time to think, process, reflect, emote, and relax, then we create a quality of time left over to serve those that we love. We can have all of the quantity of time that we want, but if we are to evolve genuinely, we need to give ourselves the gift of quality time alone. Self-care is the fuel that keeps us moving along the path of becoming who we were meant to become. Remembering is the place of discovery and magic that has been inside of us all along.

Its the parable of Dorothy in the Wizard of OZ. We have all been picked up by a tornado and dropped from the sky into an unknown world. The power to go home lived inside of Dorothy all along. It was her journey of remembering that allowed her to heal so that she could use her superpower. She remembered those aspects of herself through relationships with the Scarecrow, who though he had lost his mind. As they walked the yellow brick road, he demonstrated creativity and profound thinking. The lion is terrified and considers himself a coward, but he got curious about his fear. He confronted witches and flying monkeys and survived. He realized the courage he was looking for, had always been there. And Tin Man needed to be reminded that the heart is the expression of love, and by leaning into his fear and embracing vulnerability, love was the natural outcome. They were all on a journey seeking the great Wizard, to give them what they lacked. But the adventure to the emerald city exposed the resiliency and creativity and connection that lived with each one of them. They were undiscovered gifts. This parable takes us into the sacred chambers of our soul and shines a light on our magnificence and potential. The collective struggle is asking us to dig deep and find our own unique brand of magic. Home is wherever we are.

It's okay to feel like you are not okay. It's a very healthy sign that you are willing to dive into your shadow. It means that growth is on the horizon and that we can navigate this great unknown. And if you can be in touch with your therapist, we can't think of a better way to take care of yourself. If a therapist isn't an option right now, talk to someone you trust. It's so essential to the process of healing, and sometimes we need another human to be that little sparkle of light that helps us see in the dark. For more information and to contact Sean Mc Peak:



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