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Ashlees engagement story and our perspective on this Global Pandemic

In today's episode, we talk about all of the good going on in our family. We share with you the details of Ashlee and Dane's engagement. On an individual level, our family went through a major crisis when we spent 18 days searching for Paul. The growth and abundance that has become reality since then is a miracle and a true blessing. So many of us have experienced that "Dark Night of the Soul" or "Hero's Journey." All good films and Disney movies base their plot around this concept. Its the idea that something happens that starts moving us away from who we are and into the direction of who we are becoming. The journey or dark night is that place in-between. It's the unknown of who you are becoming cloaked with the vulnerability of no longer being who you were. We are stripped down and humbled. We begin that search for something more, for little flickers of hope and light that we will have the courage to navigate the dark. Right now, as a collective global presence, we are all going through this "Dark Night" together. We all have varying degrees of emotion that take over us like big waves. Sometimes we get sucked under the water and lose our sense of direction, and sometimes we can hold the surf and remain on the surface with the shore in sight. Every single day is unpredictable. The news and fear can take us by surprise and challenge our sanity. We have learned that if we can pay attention to the signals of our body first, we can then step in and manage the emotions a little bit better. When my chest gets tight, and my stomach feels queasy, I know that I'm entering into a fearful expression. Being aware is the first step to avoid going down the rabbit hole. Our bodies are kind of like the kidneys to our soul. Our physical responses are a way to filter fear and anxiety and remind us that we can stop and nurture the true essence of who we are with consciousness. We can talk ourselves off the edge with a few mindful practices. And as a global consciousness all going through the same thing, we may have to practice this a few times a day. Simple meditation, gratitude, nature, prayer, connection, and love, are the practices we need to discover to keep our body healthy, our mind stable, and our soul evolving. Whatever you are feeling at this moment is real and honest, and okay! We are feeling it too! Below is a simple exercise that will help take you out of fear and calm your system. If you are overwhelmed and can't find relief, please reach out to others for help. Those of you with children at home, still trying to work, or who may be in abusive situations and are feeling exposed, please get help! We need more than ever the idea of an extended community. People are more willing now than ever to offer support. It feels so good to be in service to each other. You can also reach out to us, and we can find help for you!

We love you and all of your support. It means so much to have a community where we can share the raw and real moments from all walks of life. Our goal is to help share stories of failure and success so that we know it is possible to evolve and rise from the darkest of times. 1- What do I want to manifest with all of the time I have? 2- If I could feel more peace, openness, and vulnerability, I would? 3- If nothing is standing in my way I want to? 4- If my soul had the freedom of expression, I would say? 5- I am thankful for?

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