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A Peek inside of our Spiritual Practice

In today's episode, we discuss a spiritual practice that has been around since the beginning of time. Shamans are the medicine men and women of their communities and tribes. They work to heal the earth, the animals, and the people. Connecting back to nature, and using all of its rich metaphor, has the ability to inform us at the level of our soul. We can talk about our struggles all day long, but if we want to discover healing, we need to learn the language of the soul and how our original wounds continue to inform us at the unconscious level. Our work is ancestral, and our ability to adapt and evolve is what catapults change into the future for our children and humanity as a whole. The shamans of old are chosen, taught by oral tradition, and appointed as the healer. But this work has been shared widely with the Western cultures. We are industrial, inventive, and consumer-driven. We work ourselves into illness and swallow our pain to make the next big promotion, car, or house. There is nothing wrong with our ambitions and ability to thrive, but if we don't slow down and find respite from time to time, we burn out and get sick. The Shamans from the High Andes have seen the need to share ceremony, energy medicine, and soul healing. This is not a religion but a spiritual practice. We have adapted its teachings to elevate our own life experiences.

Ceremony is the act of storytelling. It captures the unconscious parts of our psyche and makes it all visible. From this place, we can work with our stories, understand our triggers, and re-wire how we respond to trauma. It's a beautiful dance with the creative parts that often get pushed down and put aside. It helps us plug back into the currency of the earth and all that is happening around us. When we allow the ebb and flow of the natural world to become a divination tool, we can shift our perspective and find joy where there was pain, light where it always seemed dark. Our practice combines the depth work of Carl Jung, along with quantum physics and epigenetic inherited emotions. As we combine science with mythical practices, we find ourselves thriving despite our challenges. Healing our mind and our soul, the stories we tell and pass on is where our work needs to be. This brief introduction will give you a glimpse of the way we navigate. Stay tuned as we bring you many other practical tools that will assist you in your journey.

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