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A Journey to self love with The Daily Shifts

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

Disclaimer: The Art of Joy does not promote nor encourage in any way the use of drugs, Psychedelic, or otherwise. This episode contains fascinating conversations about one man's journey with Psychedelics. Please be advised. If you have tender ears nearby, use your discretion.

Trauma will visit all of us in some way, throughout our lifetime. In today's conversation, Doug shares with us a string of heartbreak that led him on a journey of enlightenment and healing. He shares with us the tragic loss of his father, and how the pressure he felt to move on with life rather than grieving took its toll. He had a devastating break up with his soul mate and encountered a faith crisis.

Grieving is a universal language and expression. It's healthy to cry and lament when tragedy strikes. And even when the day to day feels overwhelming. As a society that has been top-loaded with patriarchy, the message has always been that "Boys don't cry." Suppressing grief, trauma, and crisis is like a trash compactor inside of our souls. Eventually, the landfill gets full, and it has to come out. We believe that teaching our children emotional intelligence is the most essential skill set they will take into adult life. To name a feeling and then have the ability to express it will allow them to find a connection in all aspects of life.

If you have ever had a faith crisis or questioned your religion, you may be familiar with the fear and shame that rides shotgun on that journey. How dare you abandon or even examine the walls that put you in a box? We often feel this sense of lostness when we leave the traditions of worship that we have grown up with since birth. How do we navigate a sabbath day if we are not in the church participating in the ceremony? It requires a whole new way of looking at spirituality and finding a connection to powers higher than ourselves. It's essential to explore all of the options and find a path that feels right to you. Some ideas or things that have been invaluable to us are; Meditation, Yoga, prayer, observing nature, understanding metaphor, and being able to apply it — working with Chakras, and earth cycles, (Full moon energies, etc.) For some finding, a new faith-based religion fills the gap and provides a sense of peace. At the end of it all, it's a practice returning to yourself, discovering all of the miracles that make you special and unique. What can you offer this world that no one else can?

Doug has created an app called The Daily Shifts. It's a user-friendly experience that keeps a deeper connection simple. It introduces you to inspiring quotes, breath work, and meditation. As you evolve, so does the app. We are so thankful that Doug shared his raw and vulnerable journey with us. We hope that you will find a more profound message and use "The Daily Shifts" to assist you along your pilgrimage of finding self-love and connection.

We are here to offer different perspectives and out of the box thinking. We always try to provide tools that will assist you as you navigate the shadows that life casts on us all. We are always so humbled by the support you give us, and the way that each one of you shows up in the world. You are so talented and valuable. We are blessed to walk this journey with you! Tresa & Ashlee

Dougs Website

The App "The Daily Shifts"

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