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A Conversation about death and dying

In this episode, we talk about death and dying and practical tips we can all use in guiding our babies through this process. Support groups for children are little miracles that let them know they are not alone.

Program Director of the Sharing Place, Jill McFarlane joins us in a heartfelt conversation about grief, support and dying. She shares tips about speaking to children who have experienced death close to home. It always feels like an elephant in the room when it comes time to have a conversation around dying. Jill helps us look at the small ways we communicate and the benefit of being surrounded by the support of others.

Learning to sit with someone in grief and create an environment of safety is one of the most significant ways we can show up for those we love. Sometimes we tap into emotions of anger and resentment. Having the ability to process all of our feelings, fosters a landscape of healing. When we move towards healing, we are able to help others along that overwhelming journey.

Sharing our stories lays down the foundation of finding empathy in others. Hearing about someone's journey creates a connection and sense of community that reminds us that we are never alone. Observing the healing process is proof that joy can accompany us through life, regardless of our pain. Our death stories will always live inside, its how we honor all of the emotions and steps toward growth that define our state of healing and expansion. To learn more about The Sharing Place, and determine how you can offer support visit;

The Sharing Place

1695 East 3300 South

Salt Lake City, UT 84106

Phone: 801-466-6730
Fax: 801-466-0422

Visit the Amazon wish list if you would like to donate needed items shipped right to their front door.


Oct. 13th, 2018 6pm at the Infinity Event Center, The sharing place will be hosting their 6th annual fundraiser “The Day of the Dead.” A time to celebrate, remember and raise money to continue this life-changing non-profit. For more info visit their website.

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